Waltham Forest Mini-Hollands

Location: Waltham Forest, London

Waltham Forest was one of three boroughs to receive funding from the Mayor of London’s Mini-Hollands fund to help tackle key issues surrounding road safety, air quality and public health. The Mini-Holland programme aims to make walking and cycling safer and more attractive options for getting around. Design measures implemented in neighbourhoods across the borough include:

  • Cycle lanes providing dedicated space for cycling
  • New and upgraded crossings to prioritise pedestrians and make walking safer
  • Upgraded junctions that help traffic to flow more easily
  • Walking and cycling routes that make it easier to get around neighbourhoods
  • Cycle hubs and cycle hangars to make storing bikes easy
  • New and improved public spaces to make the borough a more attractive place to spend time and improve air quality
  • Quieter residential streets that make walking and cycling more appealing and safer for all
  • Upgraded bus stops and improved bus stop locations to make public transport more accessible and reliable
  • More street trees and planting

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