Current engagement

How do I get involved?

We have just finished the latest community engagement on the next stage of our plans for the West Ealing Liveable Neighbourhoods. We will be feeding back on the consultation results soon.


Keep a look out on Ealing Council’s social media channels for more information about Live West Ealing.

If you would like to be kept updated on the Live West Ealing programme, please email

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We’ve already been talking to the community about our plans for some time and one of our previous surveys asked people about how they travel to West Ealing and their perceptions of the area. The Travel and Spend Survey report is here if you would like what people said.

What happens next?

To secure funding to deliver our proposals, we will submit an application to TfL this year. Some of our proposals are at different stages of development; we may be able to deliver some sooner than others and it’s possible that we may not be able to implement all of them.