Improving your roads

Colourful Crossings

To highlight a route for pedestrians and cyclists a number of street crossings will be painted with colourful markings based on the branding for Live West Ealing. This is a way of connecting pedestrians from Drayton Green in the north to the Broadway in the south via Felix Road, Alexandria Road and Green Man Passage.

Design pattern for colourful crossing

Location: Manor Road

Location: Felix Road

Location: Alexandria Road

Colourful crossing installed at Alexandria Road


Location: Witham Road

Ealing Council is looking to encourage walking and cycling within the West Ealing’s residential areas in other ways, too by making streets safer and more comfortable for local residents. To achieve this, it may be necessary to discourage the drivers who currently ‘cut-through’ the neighbourhoods. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as by traffic calming, with traffic sign restrictions or with physical restrictions such as bollards or planters.

This allows walking and cycling access along a street, but limits access by certain modes of traffic (like cars and vans). This is known as a modal filter. West Ealing already has some modal filters along Regina Road as shown below.

Regina Road and Sydney Road / Melbourne Avenue existing modal filter

The council is currently analysing traffic flows through the area to understand the level of traffic that is taking place. The Live West Ealing team will be looking to gather local resident’s views on this approach to encourage walking and cycling across the neighbourhood.