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What is Hello West Ealing?

Hello West Ealing is a communication tool which allows citizens and residents to keep up to date on changes to the area, and have their say on it’s future. Through text-based interactions with street furniture around public spaces in West Ealing, anyone can join the conversation.

Why is this here?

The Liveable Neighbourhood funding is set to transform West Ealing’s streets and public spaces to be more attractive, accessible and friendly. The Council want to hear the voices and opinions of as many people as possible, so have brought this conversation to the street. The council want to create a direct conversation with citizens on the streets of West Ealing, and allow everyone to know what is going on and how to have their say.

How to interact?

All you need to chat with objects is a basic mobile phone (standard text messaging rates apply) and the platform is suitable for all ages. Find an object on the map below to get started. They are located on West Ealing's streets, passageways and public spaces.

  1. Look out for signage on street furniture around the area
  2. Text object using the designated phone number, e.g Hello Lamp Post #9
  3. Keep chatting, find other objects nearby or come back another day for a different conversation!
What's in it for me?
  • Give your feedback on your local neighbourhood and its public spaces
  • Fun and interactive way to share stories and opinions
  • Participate in local decisions and keep informed on changes made


Interactive Objects

Parklet Locations

Colourful Crossings


What people think


To date. Lamp Posts, Bins, Utility boxes and benches around the area have been ‘woken up’ by residents, prompting them to give their feedback and help to shape the future of West Ealing.


Have interacted so far and given their feedback. Join the conversation by finding an object near you, all you need is a basic mobile phone.


Have taken place so far. See below to find out what people have been saying!

What people are saying



How to get involved

We want to hear from you

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