Early ideas

Our initial findings are based on feedback from local residents, assessing possibilities for the local area. The main focus from our research with West Ealing residents is to:

  • Create pathways that easily connects the Uxbridge Road to residential areas to the north and south
  • Create a route around the Uxbridge Road so that residents can easily access school, libraries, and other services without having to use the busy main road
  • Manage traffic by installing objects that cut off some roads vehicle access

You can read more on this by downloading the study, which is in three parts below:

Feasibility study – Part A

Feasibility study – Part B

Feasibility study – Part C

The Live West Ealing project includes:

  • Gateway Spaces – places which change the ‘look and feel’ of the neighbourhood and which make you feel you have entered a new, less traffic-dominated space
  • Passageway Places – key areas people travel through on their way to and from the Broadway, but which might currently feel intimidating or poorly maintained
  • Special Places – community spaces such as Dean Gardens, where there is an opportunity to create new places where residents and visitors want to spend time
  • The Orchard Ring – a mini-network of smaller roads surrounding the Broadway, which could be improved to be safer for families walking to school, or cycle users who want to avoid the Broadway
  • Modal Filters – traffic filters which allow pedestrians and cycle users, but not cars, to pass. These aim to reduce opportunities for drivers to shortcut away from main roads and give streets back to residents as well as facilitating walking and cycling through the neighbourhood
  • The Broadway – the heart of West Ealing, the A4020 is currently difficult to cross, and heavily used by motor traffic passing through West Ealing. We want to make the Broadway easier to navigate for those on foot, cycle, and using public transport, and to change its look and feel. This is a major undertaking, and we will present our proposals for this element at a later date