Bankside area

Location: Southwark, London

The Bankside area has benefited from a range of measures delivered by the Better Bankside Business Improvement District to make the area more attractive, safer, greener, and more pedestrian friendly. A wide variety of measures have been implemented, alongside campaigns to change travel behaviour, such as:

  • Using wayfinding and street improvements to promote walking routes
  • Creating new public spaces
  • Installing colourful pedestrian crossings, designed by artists
  • Providing a temporary ‘boardwalk’ to extend narrow footways
  • Greening streets with street trees, planting beds and raised planters
  • Installing creative feature lighting and artwork
  • Providing a cycle freight delivery scheme to reduce number of vehicle trips in the area
  • Promoting delivery consolidation for local businesses
  • Trialing an innovative business waste micro-consolidation scheme

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