Improving your parks

Dean Gardens is changing. 

We are undertaking ambitious improvements to the park, encouraging active travel and making the park a safer, greener, and more enjoyable space. We also want to ensure that the park is strongly rooted in the community, which will be loved and well used by the people in West Ealing. Kinnear Landscape Architects and New Practice have been commissioned by Ealing Council to design and facilitate the transformation of Dean Gardens.

Please find the latest designs here.

For these developments to take place Dean Gardens is likely to close in autumn 2020 and a new improved Dean Gardens will re-open in 2021. However you can still enjoy nearby parks such as Walpole Park, Drayton Green and Lammas Park, as well others in Ealing during this closure.

You can also introduce a PlayStreet to your neighbourhood. PlayStreets provide a great chance to bring a real sense of community spirit to the whole street. Find out more or email, for more information.  

Concept design


New play area

New children’s play equipment will be a mix of steel and sturdy timber (like at Walpole parks play area). It will provide an exciting range of play activities for children of all ages and abilities and includes multi play units for both older and younger children, a nest swing and a tyre swing, trampolines, a seesaw, a wide slide and a tubular slide, climbing nets and balance trail.


New community gardens

The new Dean Gardens will introduce a dedicated growing spaces which will offer a new type of community led gardening in the park. You will be able to come and meet, learn gardening skills and help to look after several dedicated community beds. We’ll be supporting volunteers interested in community growing with a range of activities and training. This area will also have seating, drinking water fountain, outdoor gym equipment and space for small refreshments van or kiosk

Example of a community garden


New street lighting throughout the park will make it feel safer at night. Good lighting and CCTV will encourage more people to come in and use the park after school during the winter months. The lighting will have a soft golden tone that is least likely to disturb birds and moths.

Lighting concept for Dean Gardens


The old boundary railings will be replaced with 1m high timber post and wire fencing set into wide planting beds, rain gardens and low hedges along the park boundaries. This will open up views into the park whilst creating a green buffer between the park and the busy roads.

Looking ahead…


Ealing Council is looking at the option to install a temporary or permanent kiosk in Dean Gardens close to Leeland Terrace and the new community garden. This could be run by a local community group or leased to a local business to provide sales of teas and coffees, a cycle repair workshop, a base for the community gardeners to store equipment, and to act as a base for other community activities. Watch this space for more news about this idea!

View these useful documents to see how the project has evolved: 

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