To make sure improvements work for local people, we want to hear from local people. A range of events will be held to seek input from local residents, businesses and visitors to the area.

Before we make any decisions It is our aim to hear from YOU, so that we can make sure the changes will benefit residents who use the local area to live, work and play. We have a number of surveys that will be taking place throughout the project as well as online or face-to-face events.

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Online Art workshop with Chidi3s

Local artist Joel Sydenham, known as Chidi3s, is inviting young people across West Ealing to create a temporary installation for Dean Gardens!

Artist Joel Sydenham, known as Chidi3s, is collaborating with New Practice to host three online art workshops for young people aged 11 to 25 years old across West Ealing.

Artist working on community mural

With the support of Ealing Council and Open Ealing, the three online art workshops will be conducted remotely and hosted over a free video-conferencing app. Each workshop will empower young people to collaborate and create ideas that respond to one of three themes:

Community and Family, Caring for the Environment and Memories in the Park.

The outcomes of the workshops will result in a final temporary installation created by Chidi3s that will be displayed in Dean Gardens to the public once planned improvement works begin later this year.

Workshop 1: Community and Family – Tuesday, June 9th at 11 am

Workshop 2: Caring for the Environment – Tuesday, June 9th at 1pm

Workshop 3: Memories in the Park – Tuesday, June 9th at 3pm

Feedback Workshop – Thursday, June 11th at 11am

If you would like to join the online art workshops, please register using the link below:

Workshop 1: Community and Family – https://bit.ly/2yC1rQE

Workshop 2: Caring for the Environment – https://bit.ly/2X1dG2s

Workshop 3: Memories in the Park – https://bit.ly/3eo6gfJ

Please note: there are limited spaces available for each of the three workshops. However, if you are not able to participate directly via the free video conferencing app then click the link below to follow our ‘at your own pace’ art workshop.

Send your final outcomes to joelsydenham@gmail.com.

Joel Sydenham (Chidi3s) is a visual artist based in Acton, London.

Joel has a passion for community development, working as an Art Tutor within Hounslow Council’s Adult Education Department, where he creates and teaches adult and family learning courses. Joel frequently collaborates with charities and youth centres around London, with the aim of using art to create a positive impact in people’s lives, which ultimately feeds back into his own work.

Joel has run over 50 workshops for charities, educational organizations, and youth centres across London, particularly in the Boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow.

His personal philosophy is “self-expression, leads to self-knowledge, which leads to self-actualisation.” He believes every individual is born a creative genius, and his personal goal, (with respect to teaching) is to help people gain the necessary skills to express that genius.

This public art project is part of the Dean Gardens: Activation Grants programme facilitated by New Practice on behalf of Ealing Council.  New Practice are currently part of a wider design team led by Kinnear Landscape Architects who were commissioned to deliver significant new improvements to Dean Gardens as part of the West Ealing Livable Neighbourhoods (WELN) initiative supported by Ealing Council and Transport for London (TfL).

For more information about the planned improvements to Dean Gardens, please visit the project page here.

Link to news item – Chidi3s Workshop