Improving your time in West Ealing


Using kerbside space, for something other than a car parking space, is an opportunity to improve the area for all residents. Parklets are a space for seating and greenery put in the space of a parking spot. They are designed to encourage cycling, improve air quality, by creating less traffic. Each parklet measures 5m x 2m and only takes up the equivalent of one parking space on the street. In return two bike parking spaces and seating are provided.

Location: Leeland Road

Placed close to a café, this parklet aims to encourage people to linger in this important street at the heart of West Ealing. On Saturday mornings the street is closed to traffic for the weekly farmers market and the parklet provides the opportunity for shoppers to rest and eat produce sold by the artisan stall holders, as well as enjoy coffee sold by local cafés.

Location: Kirchen Road

Located on the street by an existing Lebanese restaurant the parklet is highly visible from the Broadway and demonstrates to the how road space can be used to provide greenery in a street without any planting.